Saturday, October 26, 2019
At Mercedes-Benz USA headquarters

Host Committee

Honorary Hosts
The Shumard Family

Jeff and Julie Ackemann

Howard and Colleen Austin

Villard and Lydie Bastien

Adam and Nancy Berger

Jim and Carla Chaney

David and Melanie Couchman

Charles and Ellen Crosby

Mike and Nancy Doss

Owen and Joannie Dwoskin

David and Stacey Hader Epstein

Carl Welch and Joan Gill

Terry and Jill Hartigan

Richard and Carol Anne Hendrix

Mike & Becca Herman

Chip and Anne Hicks

Doug and Jana Hunter

Jon and Lynn Kleinberg

Bill and Mary Jane Kleven

Brad and Sue Koeneman

Conrad and Catherine Lautenbacher


Conrad and Susan Lautenbacher

Jon and Brenda Letzler

Bob and Charlene Levinson

Terry and Valerie Love

Debbie Mitcham

Pete and Sally Parsonson

Mark and Judy Pollock

Charlie and Gena Rothermel

Cathy Sareeram

William and Dorris Shelton-Gulley

Hal and GA Rep. Deborah Silcox

Stan and Debbie Sonenshine

Jerry and Peggy Stapleton

Lever and Jan Stewart

Dave Stockert and Cameron Ives

Cheryl Sykes

Peter and Nancy Tartikoff

Don and Cece Webster

Chad and Leticia Weidenhamer

Van and Susan Westmoreland