Benefiting the Community Assistance Center (CAC)

Saturday, October 21, 2023 • 6-10pm

Host Committee

Adam and Nancy Berger

Joel and Sallie Chasteen

David and Melanie Couchman

Charles and Ellen Crosby

Dale and Richard DeSena

Chris and Rosalyn Devine

Mike and Nancy Doss

Eric and Jennifer Hartz

Richard and Carol Anne Hendrix

Michael and Rebecca Herman

Chip and Anne Hicks

Holy Innocents Covenant Group

Doug and Jana Hunter

Curtis and Marilyn Kimball

Sue and Brad Koeneman

Conrad and Catherine Lautenbacher

Jim and Arjé McCarty

Pete and Sally Parsonson

Charlie and Gena Rothermel

William and Dorris Shelton-Gulley

Stan and Debbie Sonenshine

Robert and Cathryn Stovall

Cheryl Sykes

Peter and Nancy Tartikoff

Cece and Don Webster

Van and Susan Westmoreland

Sharon and Randy Young